Are you Religious?

A Quick Quiz:
(for the sure and unsure)

When asked what you are, how do you respond:

a) Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc...

b) Irish, Italian, Persian, American, Chinese, Japanese, African, Mexican, etc…

c) Caucasian (White), Black, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian, etc…

If you answered:

a) consider yourself religious (whether or not you believe you are). Non-religious people refer to themselves by their race and/or ethnicity.
b) you identify with your ethnicity which has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but has probably defined you (whether good or bad) for most of your life.
c) you are referring to your race for one of many reasons (it is not obvious from appearances, pride, insecurity, etc...)

Debunking Religion

                                                                 (belief in one god or deity)
The Top 3:


It is amazing that there is only one religion that believes their religion is also an ethnicity and quite possible a race. Most Jews feel they must identify themselves as Jews.  If you talk to most Jewish people, they honestly believe that being Jewish is not only their religion, but their race and ethnicity as well.  They also believe that Judaism is a culture!  What???  If you are Jewish, then your ethnicity is something very different i.e. American, Persian, Israeli, Spanish, etc… Your ethnicity is NOT Jewish!  Your race is either: Black, White, Hispanic, etc… Why is it that when you speak to a Muslim and ask what they are, they will inevitably answer you with either their race or their ethnicity?  The same goes for Catholics and most other people with religion. When you ask almost any Jew the same question, you get… I’m Jewish! Ask a Jew if he is Jewish, and he will proudly declare YES.  Then ask the same person if they keep a kosher home, fully observe the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments, don’t cut their son’s hair until he is 3, read the Torah excerpts and pray daily..they will say no, we’re not that religious!  Huh, oh I get it.  You get to pick and chose what you want.  You get to take the laws (which you say you believe in - because after all you said you were Jewish) and dissect them in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle!

All religion is based in extreme hypocrisy. If you believe in a monotheological religion (i.e. Christianity, Catholism, Judaism) you are an extreme hypocrite just by believing.  Think about it:  Jews believe in one god that supposedly made them “The Chosen Ones”, but they also believe that god is almighty and loving and that we are all created equally in the eyes of the lord (we are all god’s children).  HYPOCRISY! How can you believe in both? Chosen ones and Equality at the same time?

This same god gave them “The Ten Commandments” which proves Jewish hypocrisy to the extreme:

3. Do not swear falsely by the name of the LORD –
Ever say “God Dammit” when you stub your toe?

4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy –
How many Jews do you know that stay home, don’t drive, watch T.V., listen to radio, use a computer or work from Exactly sundown on Friday to Exactly sundown on Saturday?

6. Do not murder –
Right here folks…this is where Judaism gets the biggest kick in the pants: can anyone say: Palestinians, Jordanians, corporate whistleblowers, etc…Hell we even murdered the most famous Jew ever: Jesus!

7. Do not commit adultery –
Nuff’ said!

8. Do not steal –
Theft does not have to be in the form of burglary. You can steal someone’s idea(s), someone’s time, someone’s business, someone’s role, someone’s job, etc…

9. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor –
Ever lie (even a white one)?  Ever blame something on your sibling?

Catholicism, Christianity

Woo Hoo, the old book wasn’t enough for them, so they created their own, new improved version. They say they believe in the old one as well as the Ten Commandments and the new one! Huh?

Their version contradicts their beliefs form the get-go.
The New Testament names Jesus as the son of god, and tells them to worship him. Uhhhh, did anyone read the Ten Commandments? You know the first two that state:

1. "I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me..."
This commandment is to believe in the existence of God and His influence on events in the world, and that the goal of the redemption from Egypt was to become His servants. It prohibits belief in or worship of any additional deities.
2. "Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above..."
This prohibits the construction or fashioning of "idols" in the likeness of created things (beasts, fish, birds, people) and worshipping them.
* from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Commandments

How come their god forgot to mention that he might have a son, and it was OK to worship him? Oh, maybe he had “gone fishing” that day!

And how many different forms of Christianity do they need? Catholisicm, Christian, Born Again (once was not enough?) - Poor mama, Adventism, Anglican and Episcopal, Anglican and Episcopal , Disciples of Christ, Latter-day saints, Methodists Protestant, Baptist, Southern Baptist (Is this a civil war thing?), Lutheran, Jehovah’s Witnesses (No birthdays or major holidays)  just to name a few.


This one is all mixed up!  Even they are confused.
Mohammed, Ali? One god: Allah, but two different versions, and…ohhh the bitter hatred of their opposing beliefs. Is it possible that one god wrote all of these books and told his people to worship different warriors?

Do you really believe that this diety that people claim to be almighty, all-knowing and righteous would have told all of his people that their way was right? Would he have really wanted them to start wars in the name of their religious beliefs? Would he have instigated this great divide?

I think not! More than likely, it was leadership in a society with few tangible rules. Powers that be decided they needed to gain control, and voila’ they created books, doctrines and myths to keep people in line and make them fear a greater power. Thus, fear breeds belief.  If you don’t believe me, how many Americans thought Iraq had WMD’s immediately following 9/11?

                                                                  OTHER RELIGIONS


The belief of EVERYTHING! A virtual Pot Luck of believe whatever you wish, and believe it all! Contradictions, Hypocrisy, and indecisiveness all check in here, folks. Albeit, probably one of the most peaceful religions, because they are all in a constant state of confusion (hence Confucius and meditative trances).
Monotheism (belief in one god or deity), polytheism belief in several gods), panentheism (claims that God is greater than the universe and that the universe is contained within God), pantheism (the Universe, or nature, and God are equivalent), monism (the view that all is one) aand atheism (disbelief in God or Gods)


A science fiction writer turns his book into a religion!  This one is my favorite! 


Xenu (sometimes Xemu) is introduced as an alien ruler of the "Galactic Confederacy" who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Their souls then clustered together and stuck to the bodies of the living. Scientologists believe the alien souls continue to do this today, causing a variety of physical ill-effects in modern-day humans.

The purpose of Scientology ethics is to eliminate opponents, and then eliminate people's interests in things other than Scientology.

Way to go L. Ron, great job leading the sheep to pasture.  The pied piper should be ashamed of himself!

To be continued...